Flying in a balloon is a different experience from other aircrafts like planes or helicopters, where the pilot has all the control. Here, you have to let it go.

Last Saturday we woke up at 5:00 to go ballooning with my team mates during our meetup in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was cold for a spring morning, 49° F, but the ballooning team was already working hard setting up the balloons and in a matter of minutes they were ready. It was interesting to see how they fill the balloon with plain air with a rather small but strong fan, and then they heated it with the flame thrower.

You don’t want to be super tall and stand in the middle of the balloon basket, that flame thrower would not be a good company 😀 Plus when it’s turned on, which happens very frequently during the flight, due to the quick condensation of the cold humid air, drops of hot water fall (although not boiling water).

So we took off, six on each balloon, and it was truly amazing. I wasn’t expecting much actually, since it wasn’t something thrilling like flying in a helicopter with the speed and the quick turns. However, the beauty of this is in the peace up there. The gentle breeze caressing your face, the warm sun rising illuminating everything and dissipating the cold, the horizon that extends to the infinity and beyond. The calm, again, the tranquility.

Words can’t fully express this since it’s an inside experience. Each one would find their own words. It’s definitely something worth trying once in the life.


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