It was a great autumn day and we decided to find the bridges of Copina and visit the observatory of Bosque Alegre along the way.

During the road we got up the hill where the Bosque Alegre observatory is located and since it was time for lunch, we stopped on the way up and ate with a lovely view. The hill where it’s located is nothing like the forest around. It’s crowded with pines like if it was a forest of the south of Argentina.

We got to the observatory and took a tour inside the dome where the telescope is located. It was fantastic. This 27 ton telescope (plus a 1 ton mirror) is still looking into the space for exoplanets, asteroids that might jeopardize Earth. Most importantly, it helps LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory) in the research of gravitational force, right from the first gravitational wave event as pointed in this paper.

We then went down the hill to the other side of the hill and it was as if we suddenly had entered the kingdom of autumn. The green trees and bushes were replaced by golden fields. We got lost looking for the bridges of Copina and after asking for directions we were pointed a dirt road with no signs at all. Down the road we eventually found a small settlement and a local there pointed us the road to the bridges.

We only visited one of the seven bridges since the night was falling quickly but it was great nevertheless. The bridges were built long ago as part of a road but they’re now no longer used. The road is sometimes revamped during the rally competition season.

The photo above is a view of Punilla from the area of the area of the first bridge. The kids really enjoyed this trip that had more stops than the final destination, but hey, it’s usually said that the road matters, right? Next time we plan visiting the seven bridges now that we found their hideout.

The coordinates of where the bridges of Copina start are -31.55, -64.7

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