Hi there! I’m Elio, a developer working at Automattic on the Jetpack plugin.

My journey with WordPress started on 2007, and on 2008 I started a design blog that closed a few years ago, I Love Colors, that gained a lot of recognition due to its design. I wrote on Smashing Magazine, won contests, gave away icons and other stuff in Tutorial9, got interviewed in Noupe, wrote for a WP book and a bunch of other things. I’ve contributed to WP core a few times, added docs to Codex, and published some plugins on WordPress.org.

I’m a co-founder of wpargentina.org, the WordPress community in Argentina, a WordCamp speaker, and I run a WordPress meetup in my city.

Right now I’m focused on working on Jetpack, and being at Automattic is an amazing experience, with interesting projects every day, amazing people and a great environment to work. Automattic is always hiring so you should consider working with us.

BTW, do you like the top level domain .blog? You can get yours too!