WordPress.com for Google Docs

Automattic released today a neat addon that allows you to compose a post in Google Docs and take it into your WordPress.com site or Jetpack-connected WordPress site.

General Güemes: the defender of the north of Argentina

The monument to general Güemes in Salta, Argentina, is my favorite one in the world. General Güemes is an important figure in the independence of Argentina, as a strategist and a brave warrior. He defeated spanish troops with a bunch of northern amateur soldiers using the terrain to his favor. Something like a modern Leonidas. […]

Crossing the Andes: the Inca Bridge

I’ve crossed the Andes mountains range three times in the past and never stopped to visit this natural wonder called Puente del Inca or Inca Bridge located a few miles away from the Aconcagua foot. This time I did it.

New year, new blog

On this new year 2017, I’m starting a new blog on WordPress, Jetpack, travels, JavaScript and lettering.