WordCamp Europe 2019

Matt Mullenweg at WCEU 2019

WordCamps are the conferences organized by the community around the WordPress content management system, an open source project. I was lucky to participate in this fantastic event, currently the largest WordCamp in the world. With 3200 tickets sold this year, the WordCamp Europe far surpasses the second largest WordCamp, the US, with around 1500 tickets… Continue reading WordCamp Europe 2019

5 free packs of Styles for Capture One

Just like Lightroom has Presets, Capture One has Styles. They're really handy to quickly explore color schemes and they can also speed up your work across tenths of images since you can adjust one image and apply it to all others. While Capture One includes a few styles, there are many others that can be… Continue reading 5 free packs of Styles for Capture One

Editing Midtones with Affinity Photo

While editing Highlights and Shadows is very straightforward with Affinity Photo with the dedicated panel provided, it's not as intuitive to edit midtones. I'm not sure why the Highlights & Shadows panel doesn't include a midtones (and it should be renamed to Tone or something similar), but there's surely a good reason. Maybe it's seldom… Continue reading Editing Midtones with Affinity Photo