5 Capture One tips to speed up your work

Capture One is a fantastic software that allows you to quickly work on your images and includes a myriad of little known actions to speed up work even more. Here’s some tips that will help you work faster when editing images with Capture One!

Temporarily revert specific adjustments

You probably know that holding Alt and clicking on the revert button in the Capture One toolbar allows you to view the original image–that is, all adjustments made in Capture One are reset. However, you can also reset certain panel again by holding the Alt key but this time clicking on the revert arrow at the top right of the panel you want to reset.

Draw straight mask lines

Instead of trying to keep your hand steady when you’re drawing a line in a mask or simply to make things faster, click on the starting point, and then hold Shift and click on what will be the end point. This will draw a straight line between both points.

Drag the image regardless of which tool is selected

No matter which tool you have selected, if you press the space bar, the tool will temporarily change to the Pan tool as long as you hold it, allowing you to quickly move the image. Once you release the space bar, the tool will return to the one previously in use.

Instantly apply adjustments to selected images

If you have a few images selected, and you make an adjustment to one of them, you can quickly transfer it to all of them: hold Shift and click the double arrow icon in the panel you just modified. The setting will be applied to all the images selected. Note that you can undo this like any other action.

Customize grid when cropping

It’s always useful to have a thirds grid or a Fibonacci spiral when cropping our images to place the focus in the desired place. However, by default, Capture One only displays the cropping guides when you’re using the crop tool and you drag it. To display it, or at least display them without dragging the crop tool, go to Preferences > Crop and in the Grid section, set Show to When Grids and Guides On. What’s also important here, is that the Type dropdown allows you to select different types of grids for Capture One, like golden ration, Fibonacci spiral and others.

Your turn

Got another tip to speed up your workflow on Capture One? Share it in the comments!

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