There’s a photographer in Instagram that makes some very interesting images with a distinctive cyan-red look. Let’s see how to recreate it in Affinity Photo. The photographer Alper Yesiltas is better known for photographing the same window for 12 years until the building was demolished

He has many other nice photos, and something common to all of them and that makes his Instagram profile very cohesive, is the cyan-red color look

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How many summers old are you?

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It looks great for the right kind of photo, gives the image a very moody feeling, and is a fresh take completely different to a warm-colored vintage look. The good thing is that it’s very simple to produce this effect in Affinity Photo, thanks to the Channel Mixer adjustment layer.

So open your image in Affinity Photo:

Add a Channel Mixer adjustment layer and select the Green channel. Move the Green slider 20% towards right and Blue channel 80% towards right:

Just making this tweak will give us the effect we want.

From here on you can add your own tweaks, like a curve to create a faded look or increase the saturation. Here I adjusted curves, brightness/contrast, and added a vignette.

You can also reuse this effect, with any tonal adjustment if you convert it to a LUT. Go to File > Export LUT. In the dialog that opens, enter a name and choose .3dl which, based on my own experience, is more reliable and keeps all color mappings when exported.

To reuse, you can add a LUT adjustment layer and import the LUT you just created. Here’s the LUT for you to download and use:

Download Cyan Red LUT

With some tweaks based on the situation, this effect can be used for many different images.

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