Full manual

I’m running late on the assignments of these two past weeks due to a trip to Chile. This was for last week and had to be shot in manual mode.

While crossing the Andes, there was a stream next to the road with very fast water so I thought about capturing this. I went with a slow shutter speed 1/30 so it wouldn’t show the water as fully still, and also not as slow as to get the silk effect. The location of the water stream was around this area, called “Caracoles” in spanish, or “Snails”, due to the steep curves.

It’s a fantastic road where you quickly descend from an incredibly high altitude in minutes. I took the photo below half way down the road. You can see the water stream to its right.


The original jpeg render is the one below. Not too bad, and it has room for improvement to make it more impactful.


I used ON1 Photo Raw 2018, which has become my go-to photo editor now, to enhance its color and increase details in the water for example. ON1 has some very useful masking tools that I used to mask the water and selectively apply enhancements to it.


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