In memory of Martin Luther King Jr.

Last November I visited in Atlanta the historic area dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr. From his house to the church, it’s full of colorful and interesting places.

Of course, I started with the house. It’s a big one. I wonder how Martin ran around here, his laughter resounding around the house. There are tours to walk inside the house but they weren’t available on Sunday. Still, I took a good look around and in the backyard.


The street where the house is has been preserved to look in the same way as it did before. It’s interesting to watch these houses that look as if time stopped. Was the neighborhood a busy one, did everyone know each other? Must have been an interesting place.

In the park, near the church, you’ll find this remarkable statue “Behold” by Patrick Morelli in the historic park. Mrs. Coretta Scott King unveiled it in January 11, 1990, in memory of MLKJr life and work.


The park and areas are pretty on its own, and there’s a walk of fame of human right fighters. You can see names like the ex-actor Sidney Poitier (who is currently 90!). It’s a great visit to learn a little about this exceptional human being.

All these photos sport the beautiful colors of the Fujifilm X-T2, straight of the camera with only minor tweaks applied with ON1 Photo RAW, a fantastic photo editor I acquired in the early days of January. Its workflow and tools are pretty amazing and very help. I’ll be writing something about it soon.

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