New York Street Art Part II

This time, let’s dig deep into the street art scene of New York to find some gems hidden in plain sight.

Last time in the New York Street Art Part I, we went through some big, larger than life, artworks around the streets of Lower East Side. However, there is even more artwork that we fail to notice because they’re small, they’re hidden, they don’t cover a huge wall. They’re interesting on their own though, so here they are.

Let’s begin with the hanging shoes by the twin brothers behind Skewville, Ad and Droo, who were born in Queens but have been hanging these plywood shoes all over the world, from USA to Spain to Holland and even South Africa.

This sticker with the girl wearing cat ears says “Mi Vida Loca”, that translates to “My Crazy Life”. It’s from artist Bla Bla Meow that doesn’t have a site but you can see more in her Instagram @blablameow.

LEGO characters by Raddington Falls. It’s truly awesome how all the artwork together creates this pattern, this landscape of street art. The first photo shows an intervention by xoxo homeless, where this artist replaced the head of the LEGO minifigure.


A group of skeletons by Danny Minnick on the left, and a different one by Gianni Lee on the right. It’s how a simple shape like an skeleton–or humanoid–can be reproduced in so many different and distinctive ways.

Speaking of humanoids, these figures by Stikman are super small but super cute and interesting.

I particularly liked these interventions of traffic lights

And many more, I don’t know the names of all of them, but they’re awesome


With all these artworks, you’ll probably want keep your eyes wide open the next time you venture through Lower East Side in Manhattan to make sure you don’t miss these tiny pieces of art!

Again, this is the Airbnb experience that I joined, that tooks us through a world of street art, huge and tiny. If you’re still not in Airbnb, sign up through this link to get $22 in credit for booking a place to stay or an experience.

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    1. Thanks! It’s remarkable how full of colorful artwork these areas are, compared to others in Manhattan like Midtown. I definitely prefer Lower East Side and East Village over all other areas in Manhattan 😀

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